My great grandmother arrived from Czechoslovakia during the early 1900’s. She had a great adoration for books and reading. As a child, I remember her well-worn hands making strudel as she told me stories. My love of books, stories, and creating, happened at this early age. I am proud to carry on the zeal of books and the heritage of my great grandmother.

I was always encouraged to pursue my creativity. I attended Humboldt State University in Arcata, California, and received a Bachelor of Arts in Art Studio. Driven to make a living at creating, I focused on graphic design and was offered the opportunity to work with my graphic design professor in his studio. From then on I continued to delve into many forms of graphic design including: collateral, branding, packaging, advertising, and book design and production. I landed a six-year stay at a computer book publisher designing, specifying, and pasting up the interior of books. Several years lead to the brave new world of computers and so did a new approach to book making. After a brief period of schooling and freelance, I worked at Conari Press for seven years designing and producing books—cover through interior. It was there I grew to love color and the integration of type and images. I also enjoyed creating collage pieces for covers. Several years ago the Conari Press imprint sold. I set off to start my own freelance business, Suzanne Albertson Design & Composition.

I believe the book is much like a package. The cover presents the larger picture and the pages unfold to reveal the story or information at hand. I strive to bring solutions to all involved with the book making process. I enjoy collaborating closely with publishers or individuals to meet the vision of the book and the demands of the marketplace.